WinX Club Pornography Story: floras secret Chapter 1

WinX Club Pornography Story: floras secret Chapter 1


It was a beautiful day
and a brown haired girl was watering some plants when another girl, a
red head stopped by. Wow Flora that looks great! said the
redheaded girl. Hi Bloom, thank you so much Im planting some
more tulips tomorrow! Three more girls appeared. One was a blonde,
another had dark bluish hair and the third had pink hair. Hi Flora
whats up? said the girl with dark blue hair. Oh hi Musa Im
just watering my garden.

Flowers look
much better in a vase said the blonde girl. Stella! Flora
and Bloom yelled. SorryI was just saying . Flora I can
research for some new plants the pink haired girl told Flora. Oh
thanks Tecna, I want to plant some more this week. Maybe before The
Day Of The Rose. Lets hope those witches dont show up
again, like last year remember Stella? Bloom asked. Oh yeah
that was awful.but knowing those three theyre up to something
twice as bad this year. Stella told Bloom.

Floras garden
was large and beautiful she had many amazing plants and flowers
blooming all over. Ms. Faragonda had given Flora permission to have
the large garden in Alfea. Alfea was where girls went to become
faeries. Alfea was only a enchanted forest away from Red Fountain
School of Heroics and Bravery. Specialists went there. Prince Sky,
Timmy, Riven and Brandon attended Red Fountain. Unluckily Cloud Tower
a school where witches attended was only a hop,skip and jump away
from Alfea. The three boarding schools were in a realm called Magix.
The three witches Icy,Darcy and Stormy. Icy was possibly the worst of
the Trix. Bad karma majorally.

Bloom, I want
to go to Black-mud swamp today. I only need this last ingredient for
my potion. Flora informed my roomie. Girls, there you are! Ive
been looking for you! It was just Ms. Faragonda .Hi Ms. F.
What do you need? Flora happily asked the head-mistress. Well
girls I heard you need something for that potion youre making. And
I thought maybe you would like to help plant some more flowers for
The Day Of The Rose on Friday. Stella and Musa didnt seem too
sure about that. But what if I get dirt under my fingernails. Do
you know how hard it is to get dirt out from underneath there?
Stella said shocked of the idea of ruining her manicure. Stella I
know about this spell to stop dirt getting underneath your
fingernails Tecna informed her friend.

Well Ms.
Faragonda we would love to Flora said happily Any special
flowers you need planted? I could plant them around the front near
the gate so everyone can see them. Flora that sounds great.
Maybe some tulips and roses. Or an Isis Tulip. Bloom, Stella,
Musa, Tecna and Flora made their way to Black mud swamp. Next time
I say Hey lets go hang out in a swamp, remind me that I really
hate swamps Musa told her buddies. A while later Stella tripped
and got mud all over her outfit. What ever happened to Mud is
so good for my complexion? Musa asked and struck a Stella pose.
Her friends giggled.

Suddenly Bloom
spoke up. Flora the voice of Nature is telling me something bad
is going to happen today. I feel it too Bloom. Hey here it is!
She grabbed a beautiful pink flower. Okay girls lets get back
to Alfea. A few minutes they were back at Alfea thanks to Stellas
specter. Ms. Faragonda I got it! I found the Isis tulip!. Isis
Tulip? her friends sounded confused.

Sorry girls,
This is a rare flower, this is the only one left but thanks to my
cloning potion I can make more. She pulled a bottle surrounded by
leaves. One drop should do it. Ill make heaps some for Alfea
and some can go into the swamp again. She smiled. Well its
Wednesday and Day of The Rose is on Friday. You girls wanna grab a
slice downtown? Flora asked. Um Flora we are all really
tired and well lets just chill in the lounge Bloom said
unsteadily as if she though her sentence would hurt her rommies
feelings. Its cool, Im a bit tired too Flora told her

A few months in
December later Bloom roamed around all campus looking for Flora. She
found Flora and Tecna decorating a tree. Now were done. Good
job sweetie. She said to Tecna. She was the sweetest to Tecna.
FLORA!!!! Bloom yelled. Be right back sweetie. Yes
Bloom?. Just decorating with Tecna. Im doing the main hall next
with Musa.

Suddenly Bloom
seemed angry. Where were you? she asked. Bloom Ive been
decorating the dorm and the trees all day. Flora replied her voice
sounding very afraid of Bloom. I AM SOO NOT IN THE MOOD FOR ALL
THIS FLORA!!! She yelled and started glowing again. Flora started
to back off. Bloom just chill out!. No Flora, I wont
chill out! Bloom said as if she didnt know what she was doing
or what she was going to do. Flora was terrified.

Tecna HELP!!
Flora yelled and looked up and saw Tecna transform into Winx-mode.
She swooped down as fast as possible and grabbed Flora. She looked
down to her horror, Bloom had transformed quickly and was following
them. UmTecna do you know whats with Bloom? I mean we were
just decorating the dorm She questioned her rescuer. Im not
sure Flora, maybe she has a spell on her. Suddenly Flora screamed.
Bloom just behind them was furious. Tecna..Got a plan?.

Thinking quickly
(a strong suit of Tecnas) Flora Ill drop you off in the
dorm and you have to hide. Obviously you cant relax Bloom now so
Ill have to fight her. TecnaYou would do that for me?
She was dropped off*gives hug* Thanks Tecnaplease dont
hurt her too much. Suddenly an idea came to Flora. She transformed
into Winx-mode. She flew up high and started singing some songs. She
started with her favorite two Searchin

and Just Us Girls.

Searchin was
blaring out of a pair of speakers. Seems Musa had been watching the
whole thing from her window at the top of a tower.

Dont know what came
over me

Got all lost in a
Fantasy (with you and me)

My broken heart is
gonna heal

Cant believe the way
I feel

Is this all real?

Im caught up in your

Under you spell

And theres just no
way to tell how Im gonna break free


Gotta find an answer


All the places weve


That well last

I wont stop
searchin for you

Till were
together again..

Bloom? Flora
asked. She didnt answer her, she just screamed loudly. I dont
care Flora, just LEAVE ME ALONE!! Bloom shot a raging fire ball at
Flora. She dodged. Tecna next song please! And Musa crank it up

Flora called to her
room mates(Everyone else was at a Christmas special in downtown
Magix). Just Us Girls was BLARING out of the speakers.

The best thing about
each new day

Is that its better

Better than the last

Cant wait to see
where were heading

But we dont want to
get there

Dont want to get
there too fast

Wont face the world
on our own

Never have to worry
about being alone

What weve got is all
we need

Just us girls

Sharing everything

Just us girls

Got em on the run

Just us girls

Every day is Spring

Time to spread our

Were having so much

Just us Girls

Musa is she
okay now? Flora asked called down to the ground. I think shes
okay now. Some of the words really got to her and made her chill
out. Musa being the Fairy of music was right. Ugggh Im
exhausted Flora groaned. Suddenly everything became dizzy and she
fell down. Tecna grab her!! Musa yelled a little panicky.

Tecna zoomed up as
fast as lightning thanks to a new program she downloaded. She easily
grabbed Flora and lay her down on the ground. Poor Flora shes
so exhausted Tecna said. What do you mean? Musa asked.

Well shes been
decorating for Christmas all week long and planted about a hundred
new trees in the forest

Tecna also
informed Musa of many other tiring things Flora had done over the
month. I mean shes so over worked. Musa nodded. Tecna I
fly them (Bloom and Flora) back to the dorm. Okay Ill clean
up. Oh and when they wake up make sure Bloom is calm or were
all in trouble. A few hours later Flora stirred. Good morning
sleepy head! Stella said. Where are the others? she looked
around for Bloom and her friends. Oh they have finished decorating
for you. You were so over-tired and exhausted Flora. Youre
working too hard. Take a break please for the others? Stella asked
nicely. Alright I have been major-ally busy the past month. No
kidding! Stella laughed. A while later Bloom appeared along with
Tecna and Musa. Hi Flora .How are you? Bloom asked.

Im really
tired girls I dont really want to do anything today Flora
admitted. Hi sweetie thanks for helping me She told Tecna. And
Musa thank you as well. Im glad I calmed her down. A week later
everything was normal once again. Bloom controlled her anger and the
dragon fire. Christmas arrived Flora received a new book on flowers
and how to find them, Musa got a new flute (her old one was a little
rusty and didnt work right) ,

Tecna got a
magazine on new programs to download, Bloom got a bag of treats for
Kiko and a book on mythical creatures (from Flora). And Stella got 2
books on make-up and a huge bag of was happy. Her green
eyes seemed to glow with happiness. Awwwwww, come here girls.
Group Hug! they all said giggling.

The End

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