WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea Diaries a fresh perspective on Winx Chapter Four

WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea Diaries a fresh perspective on Winx Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Out to Launch- Fiona

I looked at the girl who approached me. She was taller than a freshman, I guessed. Going back over to her, I sighed. Camellia, was it? You arent a freshman.

No, she said helpfully. Im a senior.

Havent seen you around before.

Camellia hesitated. Im a transfer, she whispered.

I waited, knowing she would have to add what school she came from to continue the conversation. She sighed. From the Beta Academy, the girl muttered.

I scoffed. From the Beta? Didnt those rude, snippy, unfashionable girls have any sense at all? Beta girls stayed at their school, Alfea girls stayed at theirs. That was the only way nobody would get hurt. Hell, if it wasnt the first day of school, Id probably call some seniors to mess her up. But I was feeling a bit generous.

Are you expecting me to give you the grand tour? I snipped. Cause really, I dont talk to Betas, and really, the babies all hang together. Look. I pointed. Theres a freshman over there, princess. Good luck. Dont get ripped to shreds, there are some not as nice as I am.

I walked to my dormitory and entered, only to see three familiar faces. Its just the same as last year, I sighed. Missys here, and Gina, too. And Amber, of course. I hugged each of my friends before remembering the bad part. But theres no Stella. I drooped.

Amber put her arm around my shoulder. Its cool, well still see Stell in the hallways. And who knows, maybe our new roomie will be just as cool.

Just so long as it isnt a freshman, or worse, the transfer girl. Gina shuddered at her thought.

Missy flashed what we called the gossip smile. There are TWO transfers. Sycamore of Arachnia, shes from CT. And a Beta girl. Cameron, I think.

Camellia, I groaned. Her name was Camellia. And such a geek. Cant even tell shes from Popularis.

Im not the only one from Popularis? a timid voice asked hopefully.

I turned, only to see Miss Faragonda and Camellia herself.

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