WinX Club Pornography Story: The Legond of the Technolord Chapter Five

WinX Club Pornography Story: The Legond of the Technolord Chapter Five

Chapter 8

Stars in Her Eyes

That night, Timmy was going to show Tecna the most amazing thing she would even see. A short ways away from Alfea, they stood by a quiet pond. The sky was so clear, not a cloud in sight, they could see the stars from where they stood. Tecna didnt know Timmy had also packed a small picnic. Tecna was sitting on a rock with a dreamy expression on her face when she felt a soft tug on her hand and suddenly looked up.

I have something to show you. Timmy guided her over and sat her across from him. She was quite speechless. All this, the virtual reality date, his protection, and now this was all because he loved her, cared for her and would not let anything harm her.

Thats not all, look. Timmy pointed up to the sky. Believe it or not, shooting stars began to fall.

I…I cant- Tecna was in loss of words as she listened to what Timmy had to say to her.

No need to say anything Tecna. But every once in a while, when I see a shooting star, it reminds me of how the light catches those radiant teal eyes of yours. he explained in a soft voice. Tecna was once again left wordless with shock, those words were like poetry to her ears, and it was beautiful. So beautiful that she couldnt hold back any longer.

I cant take it! she finally burst out, covering her face and looking away, I just wish we could stay in this moment forever, at least that way I would be safe.

I promise you will, I care about you more than anything. Always have and I always will. Timmy placed his hand on her shoulder as she quickly turned around, Please try not to think about it.

Ill try, but its so hard when anything could happen any minute. Tecna walked by the bank of the pond, Timmy kept an extremely close eye on her.

Meanwhile, the Technolord watched them through his techno mirror.

That orange haired boy hasnt left her side since yesterday! This could be a challenge for my plans. If only I could get him away from her for five minutes… He watched closely as he saw his opportunity approaching. Tecna was walking further away from Timmy as he was putting all the picnic things away.

Perfect, heres my chance. the Technolord cackled as he used an invisibility transporting spell to travel to where they were without being seen. He hid in the bushes until the right moment to take his plan into action.

Chapter 9

A Near Miss

Tecna was just about to sit by the edge of the water when she tripped on a nearby twig on the ground. She had fallen into the lake, and then the speed of the current in the lake suddenly started to go faster and faster. Tecna was trying to keep her head above the surface, gasping for air.

Tecna, hang on! Timmy had just noticed her fall and immediately rushed to save her. Suddenly a whirlpool formed in the middle of the lake and was pulling Tecna inward. The Technolord had created the sudden change in current speed, and the whirlpool.

Grab on to something, Ill get you out! Timmy yelled from the edge of the lake as he followed where the current was carrying Tecna. She heard him, and grabbed the first dead branch she saw. Unfortunately, it could snap any second. Finally, Timmy caught up with the current and hurried to where he saw her, holding on to a twig that was about to break.

Take my hand, Ill pull you up! he reached out his hand, but she was too afraid that she would fall in again to try. However, her grasp on the branch was slipping, so she finally tried to reach out to him.

Hurry, Im slipping! Tecna tried to reach further, but her right foot hit a rock at the bottom of the lake and she almost slipped.

I got you. Timmy quickly grabbed her hand and used his other hand to pull her up. She was soaked, and shivering in his arms.

Are you okay? he asked her as she tried to get up, but she was unsuccessful.

Ow, my ankle, I think I twisted it. Tecna tried to turn her leg so she could look at it.

I better get you back to get it looked at. Timmy helped her up carefully and gave her his shoulder to lean on.

Wait, that sudden change in current speed was not natural, and neither was that whirlpool. she explained logically, This could only mean hes out to get me. I probably dont have much time before-

Dont worry Tec, youre safe now. Timmy told her as they went back to Alfea.

Watching in anger, the Technolord couldnt believe what he saw.

I almost had her! That boy is a threat to my plan; I need him to be as far away from her as possible. Then she’ll be all mine. he laughed evilly as he thought of a plan.

I know these chapters are short, but I wrote this earlier this year, so I can’t change anything now

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