WinX Club Pornography Story: In the Begining Chapter 15

WinX Club Pornography Story: In the Begining Chapter 15


It was the most heartbreaking thing ever. Yci, who was so strong, and who was so angry, was so broken.

It broke Astoria’s heart. But she’d never, never let them know it.

Ok, so I might have told Gale what Yci’s weakness was, but I thought it was for the good of my realm. I made a mistake.

“Why are you smiling?” Riquora asked Astoria.

“Because…I’m trying to think happy thoughts!” Astoria said.

Just pretend it’s ok, don’t let it show that it’s not, Astoria thought. That was her motto. No one has to know. Just pretend to keep it together, and it will be ok! It has to be ok.

I’m not going to let anyone be upset about anything else now. We’ll get them back, and then I’ll tell them.

Zaera curled up on her chair. How could she do this.

“Hey,” Restrio said, her blue eyes shining.

“What is it?” Zaera asked.

“I can tell that your scared,” Restrio said, “Fear is the ultimate restrictor.”

“I know.”

“So what is it? I mean, we’re all scared.”

“It’s nothing. I can do this.”

“There’s something I’ve never told you,” Restrio said, “It’s that you put up your own barriers. Even when you push yourself to the limit, it’s not as strong as you can. Other people pressure you to try, but the only way to break these limits is to want to break them.”

“I don’t want to,” Zaera muttered.

“Gawd, is that the biggest lie I’ve ever heard,” Restrio smirked, “Let me tell you: I can see your limits. Your limits are screaming. You want to be able to break them so so badly! But do you? Noooo. Why? Because you’re scared.”

“Same thing.”

“Nu-uh,” the redheaded pixie countered, “Restrio knows. You’re scared of your powers. And there’s something else weighing you down…guilt? That’s a restrictor…”

“No, that’s not it,” Zaera said too quickly. Guilt. How did Restrio know this?

“You know that I’m part of you. We’re bonded. You know that, right?”

“Yes,” Zaera said quietly.

Riquora looked out the window. She hadn’t told Kadj she loved him.

God, she was selfish. They were Yci’s brothers! And all she could think about was herself? What if it were Nele? She’d want everyone to help her, not worry about their own fantasies.

She looked at Yci, who had her head in her hands.



“It’ll be ok.”

“How will it be okay?”

“I don’t know how, but it will be. I promise.”


Nele paced back and forth; back and forth. Why was the ship taking so long?! It was torture!

“Ladies, I have a present for you,” Darkar said.


They walked over. He held up six snowsuits, each fit to the specific fairy.

“They’re…beautiful!” Astoria gasped.

Nele’s outfit was orange with blue stripes. Riquora’s was light pink with a dash or red. Daphne’s was yellow and gold with the Sparx symbol on the back. Astoria’s was green with pink with a green heart on the shoulder and green around the edges. Zaera’s was blue with Lumina’s symbol on it. Yci’s was white with light blue.

“Thank you,” Daphne said. As she took hers, she accidently touched Darkar’s hand and blushed.

Yci changed into her snowsuit and sat down. She sat down on her chair.

“Hey!” Xanra called, “The ship’s flying itself!”

“How’s that happening?”

“I don’t know. It must be on autopilot or something.” (Hint: Shelkero, Neo, Myla, and Trish)

Yci looked out the window into space at the passing planets. It was amazing how they could travel through space.

“We’re almost there,” Xanra said. Yci spun around.


“We’re almost there.”

“Good,” Yci said.

“You don’t have to tough it out,” Xanra said.

Yci glared at him, “I’ll have you know I’m not ‘toughing it out.’ There’s absolutley nothing to worry about, so until there is, I have nothing to worry about. I’m NOT going to waste energy worrying.”

“Nicely said,” Xanra said. He put his hand on Yci’s shoulder. She tensed up.

“We’ll get them.”

“I know,” Yci said. Her voice cracked as she said it, so she coughed. “I know.”

Daphne looked at her reflection.

“You look beautiful,” Darkar said.

Daphne jumped and turned around, tripping and falling.

“Oh,” Daphne groaned.

Darkar extended his hand.

“I want you to be careful, okay?” Darkar asked.

“I know. But I’ll have all the others with me, too,” Daphne reminded him.

“I know that. I still don’t want anything to happen to you,” Darkar said as he pulled Daphne up.

“Thanks,” Daphne said, suddenly not being able to breath. Darkar was holding her hand.

How selfish am I? This is important. This can wait until after we get Yci’s brothers.

Ms. Sero looked at the attandance records.

“Griselda, get a load of this,” Sero called.


“Daphne, Zaera, Riquora, Astoriam, Yci, and Nele weren’t at any classes,” Sero said.


“Salidin said that Xanra, Darkar, Kadj, Ozay, and Zol aren’t there, either.”

“Your point?”

“I…I don’t know. I’m calling Weis to ask him,” Sero said.

“You just want an excuse to call him,” Griselda muttered and walked away.

Sero picked up the phone and called Weis.

I. Am. Desperate.

Yeah! Another chapter!

Ok, just so you all know:

Zaera and Restrio are bonded.

Daphne and Mira are bonded.

Yci and Phiro are bonded.

Riquora and Hitomi are bonded.

Nele and Meg are bonded.

And Astoria doesn’t have a pixie yet.

Shelkero and Neo are bonded.

I keep wanting to capitilize ‘Restrictor’ whenever I write it. Probably a lot like ‘Restrio’, who usually says it. (That’s where she gets her name.)

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