WinX Club Pornography Story: Stella and Brandon.

WinX Club Pornography Story: Stella and Brandon.

Stella re-straightened her hair and attempted for the best look ever. She ran to her room and called him up and she could hear his smile, “Come over now Stel!” Brandon laughed loudly at her coy question of what time. It was pouring and she frowned. All of that work for nothing. She ran to his building and walked down his hallway to see him running out of the door with an umbrella. “Stella!” He said shocked, “I was gonna come get you!” He said bummed.

She frowned. Sopping wet and looking like a wreck. He frowned but then smiled a little. He stood outside in the pouring rain and she laughed hard. “Now we’re even!” He yelled and ran back inside and grabbed her hand and pulled her into his room. “Towel?” He offered. She shivered. “Y-Yeah.” She coughed. “More like shower,” He laughed a little and walked into his bathroom and started the shower. “Th-th-anks.” She shivered. “You’re frozen.” He chuckled and hugged her tightly. She smiled into his arms. She felt like she belonged there. She looked up to find his lips come down on hers. She was so shocked that she jumped. “Sorry!” He yelped.

She breathed a little then smiled. “Don’t be.” She grinned and kissed him passionaly. She pullled on his shirt and fell on the couch. “Mmmm, Stella.” He moaned into her lips.

Brandon held her head and trailed his kiss on her neck then back to her lips. “Brandon!” She moaned and arched her back when his hands found their way to her top. “Sorry!” He yelped. “No, It’s fine!” She assured and kissed him harder. He sat up and wrapped her legs around his waist. “I’ve always loved you Stella.” He said with a heavy breath. “Brandon.” She moaned loudly.

He stood up with her and set her down. “What are we doing.” he froze. She frowned. “Im so sorry.” She blushed. He shook his head kissed her harshly and started walking slowly to the bathroom where it fogged over everywhere from the shower. He pulled harshy on his sopping wet shirt and revealed his amazing body. Stella couldn’t stop staring. His perfect abs glistened from the rain. She tried pulling hers off but she couldn’t from the water weight on her shirt. With one tug he pulled it off of her, revealing her soft pink bra with black lace. He smiled and kissed her passionatly. She wrapped her arms around his head and moved so his arms could undo her bra. She winced when her bra swung open and blushed wildly. “They’re perfect Stella.” He smiled and smacked both of his hands to them. She yelped and felt his move her chest around. She wasn’t being the playtoy.

She pulled away and trailed her tongue down his chest and abs. “Ohhhhh Stella!” He moaned loudly. She flicked her tongue around the base of his jeans and unbuttoned them, revealing dark gray boxers and an erect member. She slowly started tugging on them and smiled up at him. “Oh god Stella.” He moaned loudly. She finally revealed his package and he moaned when the air hit him. “Brandon.” She whispered and kissed his tip. “Stel!” He yelped and started breathing heavily. “Do you want it?” She asked coyly. “Yes.” He said quickly. “Oh.” She smiled and engulfed his whole tip in her mouth. He moaned loudly and she liked the encouragement. She went down his shaft and only made it half way before almost choking. She pulled away and finally really looked. He was huge. Maybe 8 inches or more. “Stel.” He begged. “How many girls.” She asked.

He blushed vigorusly. “Ha um, right now counts right?” He said embarrassed. She nodded. “One…” He said embarrassed. She smiled happily. “I’m happy to be your first,” She smiled and went back to what she was doing. After a minute, he coughed, “Stella. I’m about to…uuhh!” He moaned and jerked away from her. “It’s okay,” She smiled and crawled after him on her knees. “Um.” He started.

“I want to be know.” He shrugged and looked away. She smiled and stood up, “Okayy. But I’m freezing.” She shook and covered her chest. He smiled and yanked down her shorts, revealing just bright pink underwear. He rubbed his finger along her and she jumped and moaned. “Shh. It’s okay.” He whispered and slipped a finger into her. She was tight. She started quivering as he pushed up on her upper wall. “You’re…tight.” He managed out. She leaned up and kissed him passionatly and some how managed to get in the shower and him not stopping. The water had gathered in the tub and Brandon turned it off. “Wasting water,” He smiled and laid her down in the tub. She smiled and moaned when he slipped his fingers back in. Two was a lot for her. He didn’t know what would happen if he continued with it.

He was at her side and the water was making him softer. She ran her hand up and down on him and he moaned, “Stella. Do you…” He blushed slightly. She nodded and blushed too. He turned from the side and hovered over her. “No.” He paused and stood up. He picked her up and cradled her to his bad. “Brandon..?” She asked as he set her down. “Our first time…should be right.” He smiled and kissed her gently. Brandon slowly rubbed her with one finger, drenched. She moaned and then he switched to using his member. “Ready?” He said nervously. She nodded and he grabbed her hands, he leaned forward and kissed her. “Wait.” he froze, “We’re protected, don’t worry.” She assured. He nodded and prodded in as he kissed her. She screamed and immediatly arched her back and he wasn’t even half way in. “I’ll stop!” He stressed and started to pull out. “No!” She yelled and pulled his arms forward, pulling him further in. “Stella,” he said breathing heavily. “Please Brandon.” She begged.

He waited 30 or so seconds before moving. She groaned in pain as he slowly started moving. “Im Sorry Stella!” He frowned. “More.” She said quietly. He smiled lightly and started moving faster. “OhhhMyGod!” She yelled and pulled him all the way on top of her. He started to pump faster and his smile grew. “Stella. It’s so good.” He coughed out as he pounded faster. “It hurts!” She yelped finally. He stopped and started to pull out. “No! If you stop, it will never be good. Please.” She begged. He didn’t waste time and went back to pumping vigorusly. “Oh Brandon! I’m starting to feel…good!” She moaned loudly. Brandon was on the verge of spilling out but he wanted her to feel plessure so he held it in. She moaned for 2 more minutes until he gave up and fell back and covered his tip before he spilled all over her. She jumped to him and took him in her mouth and accepted all that he gave her. She smiled and wiped her lips. “Thank you.” She smiled.

She lifted her up and kissed her deeply. “I love you Stella,” He smiled and laid back with her curled up with her. He reached over and wrapped the blanket over her, “I love you more Brandon.” She smiled and kissed her softly.

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