WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix Chapter Ten

WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix Chapter Ten

things will be a

slow with this story cuz

is just

and I need

To get
ready for

The new
school year

matter how much I


might be a little

so bare with me!

Club Remix

Chapter 10

The first
attack!(part 1)

It was the middle of
the afternoon, and Blooms feeling kept getting worse and worse.
Like it was getting closer and closer. She clenched her stomach,
tiring to make it go away, after all she was in the middle of class.

After a few more
minutes she couldnt take it any longer, and ran out of the class
room. The teacher shouting her name, and the three of her friends
that were in that class with ran after, also calling name.

Musa was the first to
catch up with her, and she grabbed Blooms wrist, making her stop.
Bloom, whats going on? She asked, letting Flora and Tecna
catch up with them.

I have to find out
whos in danger! Bloom yelled at. She had a pain screaming in
her head, like something wanted to come out, but it wasnt ready

Clam down Blo-
Flora we cut off by a loud boom, and lots of screaming. What was
that? She turned around, as a bunch of girls ran screaming. Bloom
ran towards the big boom.

Shouldnt we run
from loud explosions? Musa asked, but followed anyways.

Evil laughter could be
heard from the room with a giant hole in the wall. Three witches
laughed at how pathetic freshmen fairies were. They all ran screaming
like little, baby, pixies.

This is funnier than
I thought it would be. Stormy laughed, as she made a twister-like
attack, making the little bit of fairies in the room scream in pain.
The twister stopped when a rock hit Stormy in the face.

Who did that? She
ordered for an answer. Than another rock was thrown, and hit another
one of the witches.

I did, you hag!
Stella shouted, throwing another rock, but it missed Big time.

Stormy growled at her
comment, and was about to kill her, but was stopped by Darcy. Why
are you stopping me? She asked, with a deadly glare.

Dont tell me your
going soft, for a Pixie. Icy scoffed, while crossing her arms
across her chest.

Of course not. The
power is coming from her. Darcy said in a rude tone, pointing at

Well this will be to
easy. This Pixie cant even transform yet. Icy laughed.

Can we torture her
first? Stormy asked.

Naturally. The
other two witches said in union.

Stormy smirked and
said, your gonna pay you little Pixie! As she got ready for an
attack, yet another rock was thrown, and it had bounced off the side
of her head.

Dont touch her!
Bloom shouted, as she threw another rock, but the witches dogged it

Oh look, more Pixies
came for the party. Icy said as she shot a white ball to the
ground, making it turn into ice. She throw more, making the other
witches laugh, as the girls ran and dogged the icy attacks.

This is so not going
the right way, as I hoped it would! Bloom whined, as she barley
dogged one of Darcys purple, electric attacks.

Youre 3elling
me! Musa shouted as, she tired to get away from one of Icys
attacks, only getting her feet trapped in the ice.

Oh look, I got one.
Icy said coldly, with a small smirk.

Can I zap her?
Stormy asked, not having as much fun as the others. She was quite
board, and the other girls were starting to boar.

Fine, Ill take
care of the blondie over there. Darcy pointed.

Well, Im board.
Ill get rid of the rest then. Icy said coolly, putting her
hands behind her head. The two shot lighting bolts-like attacks at
the two girls.



A bright light filled
the room, as the attacks struck the defenseless girls. There were no
screams, or moans of pain. This was strange to the witches. As the
lights died down Stella and Musa had transformed. The girls were
surrounded by glitter, and had a faint glow to them.

This should be
interesting, shouldnt it? Stormy asked, as a smirk placed on
her face.

Like I

might be a little


this was always

be a 2 part

a the next one

Will be

next time!


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