WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix – Chapter 7

WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix – Chapter 7

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Club Remix

Chapter 7

Class is
now a GO!(part 1)

Wow, this dorm is
huge! Exclaimed Bloom.

Nahh, its almost as
big as my closet. Sighed Stella.

Really? My closet
isnt nearly as big. Flora stared, they all stared at Stella.

What, I need
clothes. Stella shrugged.

Not really Stella
You just have a problem. Bloom said. She has clothes that shes
never worn before. She even has clothes that she doesnt remember
buying. Bloom sighed. Everyone laughed, except Stella.

Oh hahaha I forgot
how to laugh! Stella stuck out her tung at Bloom.

Technically you just
did. Stated Tecna, a big shocker.

Insalt me again one
more time Stella spat out.

But she didnt
Stella. Flora said trying to calm her down.

Chill guys We
need to go to bed! Remember, we have classes tomorrow. Bloom told
them. They all stopped and thought they where being childish, well
except Stella.

Fine… Muttered

Your right Bloom,
Im sorry. Tecna and Flora apologized to her.

Flow me our dorm is
this way. Flora pointed out.

now time 4 me 2 bring in

original baddies!

How can we not find
it!? Shouted a witch with long sliver hair. She smashed bottles
and vials against a wall. It shouldve reviled itself by now!

Quit witchin Icy.
Its gotta wake up sooner or later. Another witch, with curly
purple hair.

I never asked your
opinion Stormy. Icy snipped at her.

Fight all you want,
just leave me out of it. Said the last witch in the room. She had
long light brown hair, and was filing her nails. And the legend
says that the Great Dragon will be reborn in a powerful baby, that
baby is probably on Sparx.

You know that those
fortune tellers are all quacks. They think that there so powerful,
cuz they think they can see into the future. Said
Stormy, as she sat down on a desk.

Yeah Darcy. You
should know that by now. Icy said, a little annoyed that shed
believe those stupid stories.

Dont get snippy
Icy, or do want to wake the headmaster? Darcy said with total

So not funny
Icy crossed her arms against her chest. The last time she got on the
headmasters bad side she was stuck in the detention realm for a
week strait. Icy thought it was pure hell there, and yet she gave her
attitude during her lock down.

Sure it is.
Snickered Stormy. You stopped giving an attitude to the teachers
for a month.

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