WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix – Chapter 15

WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix – Chapter 15

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Chapter 16

Hunt for the Egg!!
(Part 2)

The girls walked through a dense
forest; there were a few casualties to the pampered princesses. Like
when Musa ran into a tree because she thought she couldnt live
without her music. Or poor, innocent Flora tripping over a root
because Tecnas obsessive over use of bug spray. Then theres
Stella, well she is Stella after all Poor Stella decided to
wear pumps, a mini skirt, and a brand new blouse of hers That
didnt end well; she fell in mud, got hit in the face by branches,
swarmed by mosquitos, and might possibly have sun burn.

I hate this! Stella

But she was answered with, You
shouldve worn proper clothing From Leila told, again,
in a bored manner.

A princess should always look her
best! Stella huffed. How is it you got us,
permission to come out here, anyways?

Said it was a field trip-
careful! Leila said once she let go of a pulled back branch which
smacked Stella in the face.

You did that on propose! Anger
boiled inside Stella.

I did not, you just dont pay
attention. Thisll be good training for you! Leila snorted;
yelling at your guide wasnt a very good idea, even more so when
your guide was your counselor.

Stella, are you alright? Flora
butted in while picking a leaf out of Stellas long golden hair.

Stella looked at Flora as if she
were insane, Of course not! My hair is ruined, I itch all over-
ew, and my one in a kind blouse is ruined! Stella looked to be on
the brink of tears.

Thats terrible Flora
tried to seem sympathetic, but she couldnt truly understand that
hatred she had for nature and wildlife.

Shush, were almost there. Leila told, receiving a glare from
an angry blonde.


Everyone quick; Leilas back, and she brought friends! A
small pixie cried out with pure joy.

Receiving, Oh, Leilas come? or Leilas back!? all
were gleeful cries.

A young pixie with curly, blonde hair and sapphire eyes gave a big
smile at the news, Awesome, I got a message to deliver!

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