WinX Club Pornography Story: Transfered and Secrets Chapter 1

WinX Club Pornography Story: Transfered and Secrets Chapter 1

Hey it’s me again! I apologize for my pathetic mistakes i made in my other stories, i totally blame exams and all those things that can make you’re life a total living nightmare. I promise you that this story will be much better.


The six winx girls laid down of Bloom’s bed, chatting away and didn’t noticed it was almost a few hours till lights out.

“Hey guys! It’s been days since Valtor disappeared, I’m bored what should we do?” asked Bloom, figeting with a fiercely red hair.

Tecna smirked. “Damn, girl. That outta be the eight-hundredth time you said that!” laughed Tecna, along with the other girls laughing.

“Oh c’mon! Don’t be like that!” squeaked Bloom, defensively. Much to Bloom’s dismay, she was outnumbered and sighed in defeat.

Musa broke the laughing matter and said. “Hey guys, did you know another girl is being transferred to Alfea?” she said, curious faces filled the room.

In a second, everyone started asking question’s like ‘How does she look like’ or like ‘What’s her orgin, is she a princess?’

“Does she have round glasses, freckles or any pimples. Cause if she does, that’s like kinda gross.” said Stella.

“Stella!” everyone yelled in union. Stella loved to be center of attention.

The door flinged open, and everyone gasped. “Oh good god, Mrs Faragonda you nearly have us a freakish heart attack or something!” said Flora, watering her plants.

Flora flinched. “You know I kind of have to agree with that.” admitted Layla, lying on Flora’s bed.

“I’m really sorry girls, but anyway let me introduce you to the newest student in Alfea. Alanna.” said Mrs Faragonda, beside her stood a blond girl, she had the straigtest hair and the bluest eyes you could ever imagine.

“She will be sleeping in Layla’s old room for a few days, please make her feel at home. Oh, and Bloom you’re going to be her tour guide” said Mrs Faragonda, and left.

“Hi, my name’s Bloom.” said Bloom, and introducing the rest of her friends.

Alanna smiled. “Wow, this room is filled with plants.” she commented.

“Oh, those are Flora’s plants, she loved anything about Nature.” Tecna replied, typing away on her laptop.

“Oh alright, is it true that all the boys go to a school called Red Fountain?” Alanna asked.

“Why yes! All our boyfriends go there!” Stella exclaimed.

Everyone started chatting and laughing, and didn’t know the a tomorow was a exam day.

“Tomorow’s the exam!” said Musa, making grotesque gestures in the air trying to get her friend’s attention.

“NOO!” Stella groaned.

“Exam Day?” said Alanna.

“Exam day, is like when you get you’re powers tested and stuff. You have to compete with another fairy and all that trash blah blah blah blah blah.” said Layla, rolling her eyes.

“Maybe it’ll be fun, who knows?” said Alanna.


This was totally my evil sisters fault (Internity). Anyway, hoped you liked it!

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